Posted by: 28flightslater | September 24, 2009

Washington D.C.

Feeling bad that I had to leave Denver so quickly I looked forward to checking out our nations capital.

Now I’ve been to a few cities with a lot of history but this was the only city I was excited to check out the history of.

First thing I noticed when I arrived is that Dulles is an awesome airport. There’s a lot of food and shopping options and the food was cheap as well (a Burrito from Chipotle was like $6, unheard of in NYC).

Cheap, quality airline food always makes me a happy camper (Why can’t all airports be like this?) so we’re off to a good start.

After food and charging up my phone I head over to the transportation that will take me out of the gate areas. Just about every big airport has some sort of tram, airtrain, bus system to get you from beyond security back to the general ticketing and luggage claim areas.

The way Dulles does this is pretty cool. You get on what looks like a single cart train. But then it breaks away from the wall it was close to and starts to move closer to the ground and drive away. Essentially it’s a bus with hydraulic lifts that brings it up about 10 feet.

The ride to the next terminal is nice as it provides a good view of all the planes taxing.

Another cool thing about Dulles is how they handle their information booths.

It was a little touch screen with a courtesy phone just in case. On the touch screen you were able to select attractions or anything a tourist would need to know and then you could have it make a little print out with all the neccessary info (such as directions NY car or public transportation, a breif synopsis, and phone numbers).

I decided to check out the National Air and Space museum first where I spent a lot of time checking out planes, helecopters, a space ship and riding simulators.

After spending a good amount of time there I got a bus that got me to a train so that I could get to downtown. A downside to Dulles is that much like Denvers airport, it’s a little out of the way.

Once downtown I made my way through Chinatown (Finding $20 on the floor!). D.C.’s Chinatown is pretty small but it seems like it has a lot going on.

Leaving Chinatown I continued to wander eventually entering a historic neighborhood by the name of The Barracks. It was here where I decided to stop for some food.

My food of choice was burgers and while it was not the Big Mac that I craved it was something quite possibly better.

The place was called “Good stuff” and apparantly it has won awards for it’s burgers. So I ordered a burger with American cheese, Bacon, and a fried Egg, I also got fries that were made with sea salt and thyme. To round it out I also got a Toasted Marshmallow shake.

After this delicious pitstop I was finally ready for some history.

The major sites I saw was the Washington monument first, followed by the Lincoln memorial, and ended with the Whitehouse.

Catching what I beleived to be the last train home and transferring to a taxi when I got as close to Dulles as I could (the buses were no longer running) I anxiously awaited my first international flight and day under the carribean sun in Bermuda!


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