Posted by: 28flightslater | October 5, 2009


Ok this seems a bit harsh but before I go on let me just say: Don’t go to Bermuda. Now on to the recap!

What a disaster. I get to Bermuda fully expecting to have a great time on the beach and what I got was sent to a very nice lady in immigration who forced ne to get a hotel room.

Yes kiddies, apparantly you can’t enter Bermuda without a hotel room or telling them where you’re staying.

The hotels in Bermuda are rediculously expensive the lady reminded me. She also kept talking about how unbearable (her words not mine) their weather was.

She also told a JetBlue employee to “call the states” and tell them to warn their passangers that you need to have a hotel room. This is a great idea, I wish someone told me about it before I scheduled the flight.

Apparantly they have at least 1 person a day in my predicament because of the AYCJ pass.

After leaving here I get a cab (Big mistake- there’s a cheap bus that brings you close to places along the length of the island), the ride is made longer by the fact that there’s a cycle race going on that’s closed a main road in downtown.

The cab driver was pretty adament on letting me know that Bermuda was just as hustle and bustle as any major city. Somehow I doubted this.

I got dropped off at my hotel and I made the mistake of not following my instincts, so I went inside and paid for a room ($175 with taxes at a crummy bed and breakfast).

Honestly I could have just got out of the cab and walked around and I would have been fine. But I decide to give Bermuda a shot and checked in so I could check it out.

I was there on a Sunday and everything was either closed or closing at 6. The ferry that would take mento the beach stopped running at 10:30 but the plac selling the tickets closed at 6 and you can’t buy tickets on the ferry… WTF?

So my time in Bermuda was spent more like a local than a tourist. Oh yeah did I mention the exhange rate is $1 for $1? Yeah and dinner on average is $45.

The only good that came out Bermuda for me was their national drink the Rum Swizzle, the fact that I can say I’ve physically been there, and this amazing blue smurf ice cream (Blueberry and Marshmallow) that I had.

Outside of that there’s nothing. I know it seems like I’m spitting venom here but I’ve been having such a good time until I got here.

Seriously there are better carribean islands with more to do and an exhange rate that works in your favor. There’s no reason to go to Bermuda unless you go in a cruise or it’s for work. Outside of that, avoid it at all costs!

Maybe a night in Orlando will make me feel better…



  1. your post just shows that you weren’t informed well before going to Bermuda…dinner does NOT have to cost $45!!! Oh man, this is sad. You really got a bad taste of what is a wonderful island by not planning. I have been to Bermuda many times over the last three years and have done so without any problem because I knew how it worked. Why would you go anywhere without booking a hotel? Check out my post on Bermuda here:

    • I guess you haven’t been keeping up with the blog or what my trip was all about. There was very little planing involved in any of the trips I made, Bermuda included. This is all meant to showcase first impressions, and you know what they say about those. Also if you knew what this was all about you’d see why I would go somewhere without booking a hotel.

      Dinner was expensive in many places I went, $45 was on average. I even got excited about a KFC until I saw 3 pieces of chicken would run me close to $15!

      I still think it’s fair to say that if you must check out Bermuda, check it out on a cruise. This way you can have constant entertainment/food/comfort and still check out the island, all at the fraction of what a couple of nights in a good hotel will cost you.

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