Posted by: 28flightslater | October 6, 2009

Jacksonville, FL

Once in Jacksonville it was really simple to get downtown via public bus which only cost a dollar, but no transfers.

I decided to go to a Dave and Busters to eat some lunch and have a good time as downtown Jacksonville was not appealing in anyway.

Another bus ride later, I got off one stop after mine, which was the last stop and put me amungst highway and hotels.

I put Dave and Busters coordinates into my phone and started walking. I made the mistake of not putting it on walk directions (it was on car directions), so it eventually had me going through a highway.

I started walking along it and under it hoping a cop didn’t see me as I’m sure it’s very illegal. I stepped on sine sort of spikey ball stick and got the lil buggers all over my shoe and sock.

The ones on my sock started to randomly stab me so I had to pluck them off. Ahead of me was a construction site on te highway.

At this point a sherrifs car passed by me and I think because of all my gear, i looked like a worker on the site. I hopped a divider and was walking amungst the construction crew and passed more sherrifs with no problem at all.

I finally made it back to the bus stop I was supposed to get of but at this time the heat got to me and I didn’t even want to try and figure out how to cross another highway so I sat down and called a cab.

The cab dropped me off at D&B’s and I had some good food and a blast playing games. Getting back was easy as I was able to find a route with minimal illegal maneuvers.

I hopped on the bus which too me back downtown and had to snag a cab to get back to the airport where I slept.

My flight wasn’t leaving until around 5 or so, so in the mornin I headed out to the Jacksonville Zoo where realized getting there right at opening isn’t exactly the best time as all the animals looked like they were state of the art animatronics.

The stood/sat/laid about doing nothing, except for slight mecahnical movements. Eventually I made my way to the carousel which was fun to ride.

After seeing more random animals I headed over to the Australia section where I thought I would be feeding kangaroos but was able to feed something better: Lorikeets.

I had a great time feeding Nectar ($1 a cup) to the Lorikeets (They started preening on me which consists of picking at my hair and licking inside/behind my ear) there was this red and black bird that intimidated all the other Lorikeets away from the cup of Nectar but I made sure to move around so that they could all have some.

One of the Lorikeets tried to steal the cup from me and the Zoo Keeper there told me that they’re “Clumsy theives” as when they normally attempt to steal the cup it results in a spilled cup.

I then pet their trumpeter bird, Donald (Get it? Get it!?), and moved on to more animals before I found myself feeding a Giraffe who just stuck his tongue out waiting for food.

I rounded it all out with a hopeful trip to their Stingray tank, where I was able to touch them plenty but just missed the last “Feeding time”.

I should also mention what an interesting character my taxi driver was. His name was Roxie and he was many things but the one thing he yold me that stood out is that he claims to be the creator behind the wonderful Breakfast Bar (You know the all you can eat bar, not the energy bar).

Yep, been meeting all sorts of interesting people on this trip, next city I meet up once again for a layover with my good friend Jeff in Portland. OR!


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