Posted by: 28flightslater | October 6, 2009

Portland, ME

Arriving in Main I notice that Starbucks is serving one of my favorite seasonal drinks again: The Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I like Starbucks seasonal drinks.

After that I check out some information and hop in the local bus into downtown.

Where this bus leaves me off gives me my firs impression of Portland, ME. A small town with a high population of the homeless, elderly and mentally disabled.

It was almost all I saw for a little bit. But soon the soup kitchens started turning into coffee shops and bookstores so that the citys charm wouldn’t be lost on me.

I walked into a few independent shops that were full of old/used action figures and VHS movies. These places were just fun to be in and I wondered how one could exsist let alone two.

As u continued to walk in no direction in particular a woman passed by me with flowers and we both met eyes and stopped at exactly the same time.

She handed me a flower and I thanked her as she continued on her way. This friendliness would continue as I bumped into another girl who was curious on where I was headed.

After I told her what I was doing she introduced herself as Joy and told me where u could find a tree that I could sit in to see a great view.

I started making my way there and found myself in the historic section of the neighborhood. Portland has a very beautiful side to it.

I kinda got lost as I found the park she was talking about. She mentioned that it might be off a trail and so I ventured off into the woods.

Somewhat of a mistake as I was wearing shorts and the path started to become less a path and more shrubbery. Eventually I found myself outside the gates if a dogpark. A cautious dog barked at me until I called it over so that I could pet it through the fence.

After that the dog followed me around until I found the right way out of there and alongside the entrance if the dogpark.

I followed this around a garden which eventually Les me up a hill and to the tree that I was looking for. This was a great time diversion as I got there right as the sun was setting and was treated to a fantastic view.

From here I headed back into town looking for some food. I found it in a Chowder house that was out of breadbowls so I ordered the mussles and lobster special.

After the delicious and inexpensive dinner (lobster dinner was $20, although it was nowhere near te calibur of lobster I had at the union oyster house!) I decided to check out a movie.

I gambled on checking out Whiteout as I was slightly interested. I was lucky that the theatre only charged $5 a ticket that day. So even if the movie was bad I couldn’t really complain.

The movie turned out to be just good enough. I had no idea what kind of movie to expect and it was an odd surprise to see that it was a murder mystery thriller that wasn’t supernatural (which is what I expected).

From the theatre I began to wander the streets looking for a place to grab some drinks. I found a cool little bar with a weird name I don’t remember that reminded me of home because of the amount of microbrews and other not so common drinks.

They were nice enough to let me charge my phone which came in handy later on (I’ll get to that later) and I soon started talking to the manager of the place who was quick to let me know that while they so have a large population of the homeless, elderly, and mentally disabled- they also have a thriving arts scene and was named the “foodiest city”.

While I’m sure there’s no way they can have more resturants than NYC and that it probablly refers to being more dense with resturants than other citys (due to being so small)- I could totally see it, as Portland had won me over.

He also told me that Portland closes it’s bars at 1am these days because they wanted to cut down on fighting and other drunken related incidents, which I ofcourse found both annoying and hilarious.

After a lastcall drink and I said my goodbyes I realized that the buses were no longer running and I didn’t want to spend more money on a taxi.

So I put the airports coordinates into my iPhone and seeing that it was only 3.3 miles away (I regularly walk that back home as long as the weathers nice) I decided to hoof it.

I was a little tipsy though so I did eventually walk through a small wooded area and through quiet, creepy neoghborhoods. Eventually I found the only thing open for food. A place I had never been to but was quite familiar with.

A Denny’s. A custom grand slam later I was on my way to the airport again. In the airport l immediately found a nice couch to sleep on with a powe source right next o it as if it was meant just for me.

I only had a few hours to sleep so I slep cautiosly. Eventually I woke up in a daze to see a woman looking over at me about 5 feet away with a worried look and an annoyed looking guy standing next to her.

She then said with the most caring and concerned voice I’ve heard in a long time:

“But what if he misses his flight?”

The man grunted and they both left. They had absolutely no way of knowing if my flight was in 3 minutes or 3 hours but just the same as I woke up and looked at my watch, my flight wad going to leave in 30 minutes!

Now I don’t know if it was them that woke me up or I it was just my usually awesome internal clock but thanks anyway mysterious traveling girl, you keep being awesome and annoyed dude- just chill out a bit.

Next up is Jacksonville Florida!


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