Posted by: 28flightslater | October 7, 2009

Raleigh, NC

So the day before I get to Raleigh as I am trying to catch a few hours of Z’s, I get a text message from my friend Justin askingf I crashed yet.

I assumed this was referring to sleeping and he wanted to see if I was sleeping or not. Not too long after that I have voicemail from my mom asking me where I am and that for some reason she’s at the airport to pick me up for my 3hr layover.

I then realize that they both think I have arrived a day early. I don’t think they took into account the actual flight times which had me leaving on the 25th but arriving on the 26th.

When I land in JFK for my layover, my mom confesses she was there yesterday and when I finally arrive in Raleigh, Justin confesses the same.

Which really sucks because they had to drive an hour and a half from their town of Greensboro and when they drove back they had told people that I was coming so they had a big party that they had in my honor.

Which means when I finally met them, they were hungover from my party (which I heard was awesome, haha) that I didn’t go to.

The thought was nice but we didn’t go back to Greensboro as planed and instead tried to figure out things to do in Raleigh.

Although not the original plan, it was fine by me just finally meeting Justin and his girlfriend Jamie (the cat whisperer). Justin is another friend of mine that I Play TF2 with on a regular basis.

We drove around and went to a pub for a light snack, after that we walked around Raleigh and saw the giant acorn sculpture in the park that is dedicated to the guy who made it (lol).

We went to a free museum on nature that had some cool dinosaur and bug exhibits as well as a really cool butterfly room where you could be one with the lil buggers.

From here we headed over to Justin’s brothers house as this is where we would be sleeping and celebrating his brothers recent 30th birthday.

I was told they have 2 cats and seeing as I am normally allergic to cat hair, Jamie gave me a claratin so I could hopefully avoid the cat-sniffles.

As soon as I got there and introductions were made, I took a nice long shower. After that I joined everyone downstais for a game of Rock Band.

For some reason I find Rock Band hard to play than Guitar Hero even though I’m told that Guitar Hero is the harder of the two.

Not that it would matter as I haven’t regularly played either in quite some time which probably had a bigger impact on my ability to play.

Soon food appeared in the forms of homemade burgers, chilli (Justin’s brother doesn’t like beans either so it was some of the best chilli I’ve had in my whole life), brautwurst (original and beet flavored) and Scotch.

My best line if the trip was then uttered: “I’m going to play guitar with this burger!”

After some more Rock Band, they put on “Kung Pow: Enter The Fist” and a quote-a-thon began (which normally happens when that movie is put on in the company of good people).

Soon I went upstairs to check out sone stuff on the computer and to d/l and hopefully play some TF2 (I did however end up showing Justin some Left 4 Dead versus tricks) but then Justin told me he never saw “They Live” so I put it on from YouTube.

However Justin went downstairs to check up on everyone else and I fell asleep only to awaken in time to leave for the airport (unfourtunately my flight was at 6am)- a couple of them just stayed up the whole night.

At the airport I vowed to return and said my goodbyes as I got ready to catch some more Z’s on the plane as I was on my way to my first full 2 day trip in San Diego!

(Note- I didn’t take any photos because my phone died as soon as I got there, didn’t get a chance to charge it because of the flight times)


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