Posted by: 28flightslater | October 8, 2009

San Diego

Day 1:

As soon as I get to San Diego I call up my friend Lauren who I’ve known online since I was 14. This was our first time meeting face to face.

She showed me around a lot of SD, stopping at a Denny’s first, then over at Pacific Beach, and then at a cliff where people kept failing at paradsailing while people played nude volleyball at the nude beach at the bottom of the cliff.

Once at her dorm we decide to check out a movie (We ended up seeing Surrogates) and then grab some beer (Pumpkin) and a boardgame (Scrabble).

I got hungry and picked up some Chipotle and we ate it by a Bon fire on the beach which is apparantly what Californians do. I’m personally not a big fan of trying to eat in the semi dark surrounded by sand, but I digress.

Back at the dorm I dominate in Scrabble and figure out how to open my beers without a bottle opener (On the windows edge) before we decide it’s time to hit the hay, in the morning Lauren will show me how to use the bus to get back downtown.

I had a great time hanging out with Lauren and hope to do it again someday.

Day 2:

I say my goodbyes and find my way downtown. Here I checked out a mall and got some food. The standard mall food back home: Sarku Japan’s Chicken Teriyaki. Only at this place it tastes different, sweeter. I can’t tell which one I like better but have it for lunch anyways.

From here I called up my old coworker and friend Mike. I told him I had some things to take care of first and that afterwards (around 8pm) we should meet up. He agreed and told me to just give him a call.

My plan is to go see a movie and then seeing ad today (9/28) was the year anniversary of me playing competitive TF2 with my current team I really should try and find a computer and play with them tonight.

After some more browsing I find a movie theatre and check out Pandorum. Wasn’t sure what to fully expect of this movie but it was definitely cool. The theatre was also awesome because it was really big but really empty.

From here I walked and took a cab out to a LAN center where I would be playing TF2 from. Unfourtunately this place had no headsets and none for sale. Apparantly people broke them all and their shipment hadn’t come in yet.

I had some trouble d/ling the map for the night because I couldn’t find the steam folder and they said (after I was already done d/ling) that I can’t use the computer for gaming and web browsing.

I tried to explain that I neede to d/l the map but they said the server does it on it’s own, which is normally right, except league servers don’t allow you to d/l the map and no other servers had it playing.

A map BTW for those not in the know- is what you call the level you play on.

Everything worked great until someone started d/ling or updating steam and it started to sloooow my connection down. But me being the best Spy in the game- I was able to manage and my team was doing great too so we won.

I wish I had a headset, it was like a backhanded taste to play that night.

From there I took a bus into Old Town where Mike picked me up and took me over to his house where we drank some wine and watched Dancing With The Stars with his wife and daughter.

I slept on his very comfortable couch that night and took a shower in the morning. Him and his family were really accomidating and I had a great time.

In the morning, me Mike and his daughter Syra- went out to a Mexican fastfood place called Roberto’s, where I had the California Burrito. Which consisted of Carne Esada steak, sour cream, and French fries.

It was very delicious and is definitely on mnlost of things to do when I head back to SD. From here he drove me over to Balboa Park where the three of us walked around and through a free Botanical Garden.

It was only a short ride to the airport from here, although I didn’t really want to go because I had such a good time. But I said my goodbyes and I’m now ready for Salt Lake City!


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