This blog will be chronicling my adventures filming a documentary based on Jet Blue’s “All You Can Jet” pass and how i’ve decided to fully utilize it.

Time for Q&A! If you have any questions about me or this project that you’d like answered then be sure to ask and i’ll answer it here!

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Dario. I am 23 years old.

Q: And what is this all about?

A: Jet blue decided to sell something they call an “All You Can Jet” pass. This $599 ticket allows you to fly anywhere they fly (Known to them as “Jetting”), as much as you want for a whole month starting Sept. 8th and ending Oct. 8th. I bought one and I am going to get my moneys worth 🙂

Q: Seems physically draining, can you handle it?

A: Well I am not exactly “out of shape”, but then again I am not exactly “in shape” either… So I guess my answer would be: I sure hope so!

Q: Are you afraid of flying?

A: Nope. It’s actually my preferred form of travel.

Q: Why are you filming it?

A: I have always loved filmmaking. My first movie was when I was in 6th grade about a giant inflateable T-Rex named “Bobzilla” that attacks a city. Making movies has always been just a little more than a hobby for me but not exactly where I have my mind set for a career. Also I want to be able to remember this adventure vividly for as long as I live so I am killing two birds with one stone here.



  1. Hey Dario! found your blog. awesome! hope to see the video of the interview soon! check out my blog luckybirthdaygirl.blogspot.com…no film background but it’s my own doc. hehe

    Happy travels! yayyyyyyyyyyyy :o)

  2. Hey Dario. Ive finally finished my All You Can Jetting. Loved checking out your adventures. This truely was a great comcept Jet Blue came up with for me to utilise and by the looks you and many others. Hope you enjoyed it.


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